Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Liquid Lip set

Hello my Lovely Queens, I have come to realize that I now have a new favourite liquid lip set.  I am in love with the JEM AND THE HOL...

Hello my Lovely Queens, I have come to realize that I now have a new favourite liquid lip set.  I am in love with the JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS liquid like set, like mad.
This set right here is just so cute to begin with, like seriously, check out the packaging, it is definitely an eye catcher.  Its so girly, so sparkly, just all around TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

This set is Inspired by the Popular 1980's cartoon series of Jem and the Holograms, and in 2015 they made a movie of the series as well.  I honestly did not know who Jem and the Hologram was, and I didn't know that they had a movie, so what I did was I ended searching it up, getting the movie, and watched it on a Saturday night with my Family.  It honestly was a very entertaining movie, My family and I surprisingly enjoyed it,  especially the catchy little songs.

Getting back to the set, the set comes with 5 glosses, 4 of which are coloured lipsticks, and one which is a Holographic lip gloss.  These lip glosses are truly very pigmented, glide very smoothly, and dries to a nice matte finish.  I am a very big fan of matte lip glosses, therefore this is why I am a big fan of this set.  

The colors of the set come with one natural shade, one hot pink shade, one red/burgandy shade, and one deep purple shade.
You know how some girls have mood rings or mood necklaces?  I have mood Lipsticks.  Whatever mood I am in, I tend to match my lipsticks with it, this is another reason why this set is perfect!  It comes with all of my favourite lip shades! whoot whoot.

These are the colors of the each of the lip glosses:
Fashion and Fame (Holographic gloss)
Like a Dream (Natural gloss)
Music is Magic (Hot Pink Gloss)
To the Rescue (red/burgundy gloss)
She's got the power (deep purple gloss)

I did a swatch on all the colors, very moody indeed.
And this picture right here shows you how it looks with the Holographic gloss on top.
It just adds that extra metallic shine if you do not want to rock the matte look.  I think it looks very pretty.  I have to say that "she's got the power is my favorite of the set, I am very into the deep shades of lipstick lately, kind of like the vampy look, but I woud much rather wear it matte than with the gloss.
Overall, I am very happy with this set. This set was available at Sephora, it was a limited edition, so I am not even sure that they carry it anymore.  I've had this set for a while, and I just never had the chance to post about it, but here it is now!

If you want to watch my video on this liquid lip set, you can see it right here.

So that is it my Queen, tell next time!!!

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